Down time. Fabricators hate these two words when they come together. And with good reason. In this age where competitiveness is determined by efficiency and productivity, down time of a machine means lost production and increased cost.

We are proud of the way we build our machines and the way we choose our components. When designing our machines, one of our priorities was to minimize down times and the way we build our machines and choose our components help this a lot.

But every machine breaks down. This is the cold hard reality and it is our duty and priority to minimize these breakdowns and take necessary precautions before any breakdown occurs.

All our press brakes with NexT controls are equipped with remote diagnostic capability and we encourage our customers to connect Vartek press brakes to their company network during installation of the machine.
Many times, our service engineers can resolve any issues you may have by remotely connecting to your press brake and keep you running your machine without waiting for a service technician to arrive.

All Vartek dealers employ factory trained engineers and also every Vartek dealer keeps a set of crucial spare parts in their inventory. This way we ensure majority of the issues you may have is solved in one visit and not cause you to lose time and production.

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